As a Business Office Director at Mills Peninsula Hospital and now as a Regional Director for the West Bay of Sutter Health, we have used Auditech to provide managed care audits over that past several years.

During that time Auditech identified and collected over eight million dollars in underpaid accounts while training our staff to ensure that certain accounts were monitored so as to identify our own underpayments.

Auditech is very knowledgeable in all aspects of managed care contracting and the vagaries of contracting with various workers compensation payers. I would encourage providers to look to Auditech as a first line of auditing for managed care contracts or if you have a company that does this, have them take a “Second Look” at your managed care auditing companies result to determine if there are additional payments due that may have been missed.

- Michael Laidlaw, Regional Director, Sutter West Bay Hospitals, San Francisco, California.




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